Imagine being able to weild fire from your finger tips, kung fu style.

Well, imagine no more as Fire Fu from RetroFist sees you doing exactly that as you master the art of flaming karate moves taking out flying monsters, avoiding bombs and saving sheep on occasion in an intense Arcade style gameplay.


There are five magical potions to unlock, from Fists of Fury to Dragon Flame, which allows players to unleash special attacks on enemies within the timed rounds.

Fire Fu is a quick play game with the objective of trying to take out as many critters as possible with your flame. The flame itself, which you draw across the screen with your finger tips (think, Fruit Ninja) does have a stamina to it, so it will need a cool down period, which serves to the games’ increasing difficulty. You are somewhat guided by a Sensei and driven by reaching a high score. If you have done moderately well in any given round, you are rewarded with a Bonus Round, which can beef up your overall final score.

Fire Fu

Excellently animated Fire Fu is a game for everyone and anyone. Designed to be a pick up and play the developers have made the game for all smartphone owners to get the gist of it’s playability.

Highly addictive, Fire Fu is released on iOS only (iPhone / iPad) and has an endless replayability value.

Unleash that flaming kung fu master within and be the saviour of sheep!


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Fire Fu (Mobile) Review

Released: February 2016
Rating: PG
Platforms: iOS
Genre: Arcade
Developer: RetroFist
Publisher: All 4 Games

4.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 0 Votes