This October (2020), adidas is excited to announce the launch of its X9000 running shoe to New Zealand. Paying homage to gaming through its design and advanced technology, the futuristic shoe is inspired by the virtual world, with a background in sports performance.

With boundaries between the virtual world and reality lifted, the need for a shoe that addresses both technology and advanced design is clear. Gaming and sporting worlds are intertwining and esport athletes, similarly to regular athletes, use technology with high-intensity to enhance performance. The adidas’ X9000 bridges the gap with its unique and futuristic design aiming to give runners an advanced feeling of transition between the real and virtual world.

addidas x9000 Gaming Shoes

Featuring a knitted upper and a reflective thermosetting rubber detailing, the shoe design represents the different elements of the virtual and gaming worlds. The seamless line support bar provides adaptive locked-in fit, with comfort and support. The iconic adidas logo is placed on the tongue, while the TPU plate on the heel brings extra support for runners. The elastic fabric at the ankle make it easy to put on and take off the shoes, enabling runners to ‘level up’ any time.

addidas x9000 Gaming Shoes

The X9000 holds a strong visual impact. The glitch-like outsole is designed based on data analysis, using durable rubber and groove design to simulate intricate electronic data, enabling adaptive grip and stable performance under various ground conditions. Two translucent stability panels are embedded in the forefoot of the outsole ensuring maximum stability as well as a technological texture.

The new X9000 released on October 1st, 2020 at any Platypus shoes store nationwide, they are available in the following styles – X9000L3 and X9000L4.

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