Back when headphone manufacturers just made headphones, Sennheiser took the lead and produced German engineered audio exquisite-ness.

Elite personal audio for the masses and to this day, Sennhieser continues their tradition unwavered.

STG received a set of Sennheiser Momentum Free. Sennheiser’s top shelf bluetooth, wireless inner-earphones.

From the box, the quality of the Momentum Free is apparent.

Black with an accent of red and an almost diamante-chrome finish on either earbud these stainless steel built earphones shimmer outwardly like a million dollars.

Within the box is a leather zip carry case and extra rubber ear buds for all sizes and comfort.

Pairing up the Sennheiser Momentum Free is super simple with any bluetooth enabled device.

There is a two step process however if you want to get the maximum sound from the Momentum Free.

First is the connectivity to your smart device (I paired up with a Samsung Note8) and once this is done, get the Official CapTune from Sennheiser from either the App Store for iPhone / iPad or Google Play for Android.

This App built by Sennheiser themselves, features an audio player for your personal music (also works with streaming too) aswell as an FX filter and EQ.

I tried using the Momentum Free first without the App – and was wowed by the low bass, the clarity of the higher notes and depth of sound. Then with the CapTune App I was able to utilise the builtin filtering and play around with the sound tweaking to get me to a point of immersive audio heaven.

The Momentum Free is built for on the go. Extremely light-weight and one adjustable cable for around the back of the neck.

Audio controls are on the cable, for volume, play / pause and a long tap on either Volume button enables you to change track.

The audio remote also doubles as a answer function for hands free calling.

The Sennheiser Momentum Free does not sacrifice audio quality being wireless and during my daily use of the rechargeable inner-earphones, there was never any drop in connection.

The life-span of the battery will see you right for six hours. This was a little on the low side when compared to some other bluetooth headsets that STG has reviewed over the years.

This said, I got more than six hours out of a single full charge – around nine.

The Sennheiser Momentum Free also produce cinematic sound with your video playing or media streaming and superb for mobile on-the-go game playing too.

Using the handsfree function did not produce the same high quality results as music and there were a couple of occasions where there was no sound at all (unable to hear the caller) so this meant that I had to turn off the bluetooth connection on the phone and take the call like a normal person.

The CapTune App, for Android on the Samsung Note8 running 8.0 (Oreo) froze and locked up a few times and would systematically play a single track only, or the first few seconds of a track repeatedly even after the App had crashed, resulting in having to restart the phone to stop the song or bits of a song from playing. Setting up on an iPad with the Captune App saw no issues at all – so I place this down to Android only.

Bearing in mind that the CapTune App is not necessary to use the Momentum Free you can expect HQ Studio grade audio from the precision-built inner-earphones.

A full recommend to owning a set of these if you are one to be audio streaming or playlist smashing on the go often.

I have never come across a bluetooth inner-earphone that has the comfort and audio capability that the Sennheiser Momentum Free does and at a reasonable price tag of just over $300.00 AUD.

Designed for music and those that truly appreciate audio.

*To find out more about the Senheisser  Momentum Free see the OFFICIAL WEBSITE.


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