PlayStation NZ & AU are excited to announce the PS4 Collector’s Edition of Journey, featuring thatgamecompany’s two equally original titles Flower & flOw for PS4, will be coming to PS4 on Blu-ray disc on September 30th 2015.

“St. Augustine wrote: ‘People will venture to the heights of the mountains to seek wonder. They will stand and stare at the widths of the oceans to be filled with wonder. Yet they will pass each other in the street and feel nothing.’ Every individual is a miracle. Journey is a reminder of the wonders we find in each other.” – Jenova Chen, Creative Director, Journey.


In case you missed it, in partnership with original creators thatgamecompany and developer Tricky Pixels, yesterday released the award-winning Journey on PlayStation 4 on PlayStation Store. Journey for PlayStation 4 supports cross-buy, meaning if you have digitally purchased it already for PS3, you can download it free for PS4, and vice-versa.

Journey for the PS4 creates another opportunity for gamers everywhere to play the critically award winning title. Already stunning on the PS3 system, Journey for the PS4 will deliver stunning visuals in 1080p, while the team targets a frame rate of 60 frames per second.


Offering intuitive controls and experience, players with differing skill levels and/or moods can experience the game at their own pace.

Journey players will experience lush and expansive environments., grand landscapes filled with dynamic sand and cloth. Fully simulated sand dunes ripple and slide as players move across them.

Journey can also be played online where players are able to explore a mysterious world, discovering its hidden history. People are free to travel alone, or adventure with strangers that they meet along the way.

Available now, there is no game quite like Journey and is exclusive to PlayStation.

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