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JBL Extreme 2 Bluetooth Speaker Review

As the New Zealand summer sun beckons so does the beach and pool parties. JBL has your hot and sweaty season sorted with the JBL Extreme 2 Bluetooth speaker of loudness. Utilising the usual Bluetooth se... See More...


Fully Featured Bookshelf Speakers have never looked so good. Equipped with an 8-inch subwoofer Edifier is bringing retro back in the best way possible. Packed with quality technical design the S350DB packs... See More...
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Audio pioneers since 1927, JBL have been one of the top shelf personal audio brands for nearly a century. This history and adaption to new technologies comes through each and every product that they produc... See More...
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Xperia Ear Duo Headset Review

Sony’s Xperia Ear Duo kit turns what you think you want from a pair of premium wireless earbuds on its head. Of late I seem to be the go-to guy when it comes to wireless earbuds. Ironically, I usually like... See More...
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Logitech G560 PC Speakers Review

It's a very true statement that correct lighting makes the perfect gaming experience. Whether you have your own gaming room or den or simply at a desk, setting the tone for your PC based battles can give you... See More...

Sony Launch Xperia Ear Duo

Sony Mobile Communications has today announced that the Xperia Ear Duo will be available in Australia from 28th of May 2018. “The Xperia Ear Duo is the result of combining what we’ve learned from our extensi... See More...
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AKG N5005 Earplugs Review

If you are a audiophile, like myself, then you want to have rich, highly detailed sound not only in your home but also as you're out and about. AKG, owned by Harmon / Kardon, have always been synonymous wi... See More...

OPPO & Dolby Partner Up

Dolby Laboratories, a world-leading expert and developer of audio, imaging and voice technologies, announced that it has formed a global, strategic intellectual property partnership with OPPO, a leading smart... See More...
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JBL T110BT Headphone Review

Personal audio in the last decade has taken leaps and bounds changing how we consume media and how we experience it. JBL, a subsidiary of the audio giant Harmon, have been making top shelf audio products for... See More...