Sony Array 4K TV

Sony Release Full Array LED TV’s

Boasting a multitude of advanced technologies, including a Full Array LED backlight, Android TV operating system, Acoustic Multi Audio speaker system and powerful processor, Sony’s X95G range of 4K HDR televi... See More...

Xbox One X Unboxing

Xbox has come along way since it's initial release all the way back in 2001. We met Master Chief on the original Xbox, which for the time was groundbreaking and offering up superb IP franchises such as Halo ... See More...
The Frame - Samsung
Final Verdict

Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ TV Review

When is a TV a work of Art? When it's The Frame. Yup, the always innovating Samsung have taken a 4K HDR wall mountable television and made it something of an art piece. Samsung provided STG with a 55 inch... See More...