Got a melody, a beat a bit of rhythm dancing around in your head?

Maybe some lyrics on a scrap of paper that just need a track laid to it – then Serato Studio music creation software from a New Zealand based company is most definitely for you.

An all in one music making program for PC, Serato Studio has an almost endless library of audio samples, beats, SFX, drum kits, loops and more built in to its ever expanding library.

For those that have used any Adobe based software, such as Audition or Premier, the UI (User Interface) will be familiar. This said, it’s nowhere near as complicated as Abobe software and before you long you will have come to terms with the drag and drop mechanics of the software and be belting out professional DJ beats.

For newbies the four screens and menu’s may look a bit overwhelming, daunting even.

It’s not.

It’s simple-to-use and real easy to switch it up, change and swap a beat or a sample on the fly. If you prefer to take your time perfecting your track you can preview audio snippets before you use them.

Serato Studio

Serato Studio has a wealth of loopable samples, most of which are short bursts that are likened to an intro or an outro of a track – or could be used easily as a backer to your own unique ensemble.

Serato is serious about music creation and while it may take a bit for newcomers to work with it, I recommend you to persevere – it is worth it in the end.

If you are not a song person, or can’t hum in tune, the modular multi-windowed UI and menu of on-hand beats and bits will have you being the music pro in seriously little time.

Either using a mouse / touchpad or your keys on your keyboard you can mimic most instruments, and when your masterpiece is done – export your song.

There is no import feature – my assumption here is that this is to prevent potential copyright, so remixing any existing artists work is a no no.

That said, if you’re an MC and just need a beat – Serato Studio can absolutely do this. Set up a track to loop and boom; MC You!

Serato Studio

All instrument, drum and SFX are of top quality in their delivery. No hissing or such the like that can occur with other, shall we say, less professional music making software.

Serato Studio could also be used entirely as an instrument in any band, or a series of. The possibilities are truly endless for it’s scope of use.

Although I did have a learning curve with the software initially, after less than half an hour I had figured it out. If I can, any novice will be able to – and pro’s they are likely to pick it up straight away.

Serato Studio is one stop music making DJ facility, studio quality software that DJ’s have been needing for years. For those of us who like to dabble – it’s a crazy amount of fun and creativity.

Aspiring, up-and-coming or already a Superstar DJ, Serato Studio gets a full recommend from me.


Serato Studio Review
Final Verdict
Final Verdict
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