Former East Coast 250 Supercross Champion from France joins Rainbow Studios to develop MX vs. ATV Supercoss Stephane Roncada is behind the throttle at Rainbow Studios once again.

A former pro motocross rider, Roncada has been an undeniably influential force in shaping MX vs. ATV into the iconic series it has become.

MX vs. ATV

Nordic Games announced today that former pro motocross racer and game designer Stephane Roncada joined its Phoenix based development team, Rainbow Studios. Roncada was a factory Kawasaki rider and 250cc East champion.  He began working in the video game industry fifteen years ago and had previously worked on the original MX vs. ATV games.

MX vs. ATV

“I’m thrilled to return to the MX vs. ATV team at Rainbow Studios,” Roncada said. “I enjoy making video games tremendously, but to have the opportunity to develop motocross games again is extra special. It gives me the opportunity to bring what I found most fun and exciting about real racing to many people at home, who might not have the opportunity to race Supercross for real”.

MX vs. ATV

“We are very excited for ‘Ron Ron’ to join our design team of former Rainbow Studios developers, designers and artists. Adding someone of this caliber who’s competed at the highest level of the sport will only ensure a very bright future for the series,” said studio head and MX vs. ATV Supercross Executive Producer Ken George.

MX vs. ATV is releasing the 7th of October, 2014.

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