Recently STG was given the opportunity to have a sit down and chat with the one and only Jay Pryor, DJ / Music Artist / Gamer from the U.K.! 

Jay is globally known for his breezy, catchy crossover pop dance tracks. From being another self-taught bedroom producer with a head full of dreams, to an in-demand artist with millions of streams with previous releases ‘All This’ and ‘Teenage Crime’ collectively streamed over 16 million times and counting.

Jay is also an avid gamer. 

Jay Pryor

STG: Hi Jay, thank so much for talking to us here at STG. Can you give us a bit of a background of yourself?

Jay: Hey man! Thanks so much for having me. I’m Jay! I’m a music producer, DJ, songwriter and I also love to play video games when I have some free time!

STG: You have mentioned that gaming and music are both a big part of yourself, how did the two fuse together?

Well, I got into working with digital interfaces by playing video games. When I was younger I would make Call of Duty videos and upload them to YouTube. I loved to edit and I actually started to edit for some big clans like FaZe at one stage. It gave me a foot in the door with how certain UI’s work and it went from there. I was into Video Editing, then Graphic Design, then eventually landed upon Music Production! I definitely don’t think I would be making music today if I hadn’t started making those Call of Duty videos.

STG: Video Gaming being a passion, what games do you normally play?

Jay: These days I’m not playing as much as I would like to! But to be honest the only real game I’m playing right now is League Of Legends. I’m not great though. Gold 3 Garen toplane main. I played Fortnite for a long while until I started getting bored. I also like to hop back on Call of Duty every so often, for nostalgia. CoD 4 of course.

Call of Duty 4

STG: How did your rise in the music industry take place and rise above your passion for gaming?

Jay: I started finding a real passion for music after seeing Calvin Harris perform on a holiday with friends. I was 19 and when I got back from that holiday I downloaded FL Studio and started teaching myself how to make music. Obviously, being a video editor in that community is a lot about song selection and I built up a fair sense of rhythm and of how songs are structured through that, so it’s all interconnected.

STG: What’s next up for you in your music career?

Jay: I have a cork pin / vision board hanging above my studio that has all of my goals for the next few years. I can give you a bit of an inside scoop of what’s on that board. For one, I want to release an album. I feel like the music I’m making now is the music I’ve wanted to make since I saw Calvin Harris that night 4/5 years ago. I also have some big plans for shows too. You’ll have to come out to one sometime!

STG: We definitely will mate. Thanks for talking to us today.

Jay Pryor’s music can be found on all major streaming platforms. We have a video above for his hit single ‘So What’. You can stream Jay’s music HERE.