Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman and the rest of the crew return and are on the loose once again, this time in Europe and it’s up to you to help them find their way back home.

Going all around Europe’s vast areas the gang are working within a Traveling Circus.

Asides from the underlying goal of getting back home, you will be presented with a myriad of Missions and objectives, for the most part, given out by the Penguins; where you aim to wow and dazzle the paying Circus patrons.

From shooting cannons at targets, to high beam and tightrope walking, swinging and leaping through to, well, being a clown and way more.

When not initiating acrobatics and death defying stunts you can explore the cities, to a point (paths are somewhat linear), but in order to not be seen you need to wear a disguise.

Pop on, umm… sunglasses and apparently the population of the entirety of Europe cannot tell that you are an escaped Zoo animal.

Gameplay is definitely pick up the controller and run with it. Easy.

To get through the zany adventure you will always have two characters that the game predetermines for you, per Level.

You will switch back and forth between the two via a button on your control pad  in order to complete the challenge. This co-op play (also available in Two Player) is the crux of the entire game.

You’ll need to use Melvin’s height, coupled with Alex’s strength and so on. A mix of the two abilities for each character makes for an easy Mission completion.

Absolutely designed for the younger adults in the household, Madagascar 3 is very intuitive and very simplistic in its play, whilst still offering the odd challenge here and there.

Based off the movie of the same name, those that are familiar with the franchise will be ecstatic with the familiarity.

Games derived from movies (and the vice versa of that) are always a leap of faith. The age market that this title is aimed at reflected the movie adaption very well.

Not the best graphically, at best a high end PS2 equivalent, but where this falters it makes up within its comedic playability.

A bit of fun, alot of craziness and a satisfying collection of mini-games which makes for a possible winner for the younger gamers.

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Genre: Action / Adventure

Platform: PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 / Wii / 3DS

Publisher: D3 / NamcoBandai

No. of Players: 1 – 2


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