Got a PS Vita? Have a PlayStation 3? Experience X-Control with Little Big Planet 2 (other titles will no doubt follow the same path in the near future) as your Vita console becomes a visual and touch games controller.

As a new DLC from the PlayStation Store, allows a huge variety of exciting new levels to explore, and you can even create your own cross-control games for others to enjoy.

With the Cross-Controller DLC pack you’ll have brand new experiences at your fingertips. Redefine the playing field with powerful new tools:

  • Dual-screen Gaming:
    Watch as your PS Vita becomes a swanky controller displaying special gaming action on its touchscreen and utilising all of its unique features.
  • Multiplayer Fun:
    Up to four friends can play the levels included in this pack together, with one player on PS Vita and up to 3 players using wireless controllers on PS3.
  • Exclusive Costumes:
    Dress up your sack-buddy as a Space Pirate Captain, Space Pilot, Space Prison Warden, Holo Sackboy or in a Space Walk Suit.
  • New Items:
    Customise your world with a batch of great new stickers, objects, materials and decorations.
  • New Tools and Gadgets:
    You can enjoy making your own Cross-Controller games or simply play Levels made by other LBP fans.With an exciting new story and mini-games, Little Big Planet 2 has no limits and thanks to the Cross-Controller DLC Pack, you wont either. Help Sackboy join a revolutionary fight to save the cosmos from an evil vacuum cleaner and do battle with a host of new enemies. Luckily, you can use the multiplayer mode to take a friend – or three – along with you to help out.

X-Control requires a PS3 version of Little Big Planet 2, a PS3 and a PS Vita Console.

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