Available now on the App Store, Leaping Tiger is a location based friend finding app which provides gamers a way to immediately connect with each other regardless of their game or platform.

Utilising a database of games, as well as your smartphone’s location services, Leaping Tiger enables easy discovery of new friends you can message, and subsequently arrange to team up and play in-game with.

As many games are becoming increasingly dependent on multiplayer functionality, gamers are presented with a unique problem, either play with someone you already know, or be forced into random matchmaking.

“Gamers are often forced to use random matchmaking and end up playing with strangers who at times, aren’t very friendly” says co-founder Amy Potter.

“Gamers playing titles with large community followings – like League of Legends – may be able to attend live events where players can connect. But what about those of us playing Animal Crossing, Destiny, and other multiplayer games where friend discovery is almost impossible?”

Leaping Tiger

Leaping Tiger aims to solve this problem with their iOS app in three easy steps.

Step 1 – Create Your Player ID

Build your Player ID by inputting your gaming usernames and social handles.

Step 2 – Check-in to a Game

Select your platform and the game you are currently playing.

Step 3 – Instantly Connect

Send Play Requests to other online players, begin chatting, then team up in-game!

Leaping Tiger makes it easy to see what those around you are playing across all platforms and services, such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and Steam. Players can also share their game check-in live to their Facebook and Twitter followers, expanding the reach and chance of finding someone to play with.

The app is free to download and available now on the App Store.

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